04. October 2015

0-3 defeat in first match

0-3 defeat in first match

Match summary from Amager VK

We started Oresund Liga with a match against last season's Danish champions from Brøndby

Amager VK vs Brøndby VK
0 - 3

We have had a good start to the season with lots of friendly matches at high level. We knew Brøndby would be a very difficult opponent, but we thought we could create something in this match.

In the first set we came behind early in the set and we never got control over our own play. We lost the set 15-25.

In the second set, we started with fresh energy and we began to get more out of our offence. We took the lead in the in the beginning of the set, unfortunately Brøndby came back, and although we fought well, we lost the set with 21-25.

In the third set our play went up and down, and we can?t keep the level all the way. We lost the set 18-25.
The positive is that our serve receiving did a good job today, and held a fine level throughout the game. But unfortunately we make too many mistakes, we will certainly work on this in the next couple of weeks.

We lose today to a team that just played better than we did. But we feel that we can do more than we showed in today's match.
Player of the match was Elisabeth Purkhus that made 6 points in 9 attacks.

Next match for us in Oresund Liga is Friday the 9th of October. Engelholm is coming to Denmark, kick-off 19.00.

From: Amager VK