09. October 2015

Great effort despite defeat

Match summary from Amager VK

Our homegym set the scene tonight for the first match in the Oresund Liga between a danish and a swedish team, when the ruling champion of Sweden, Engelholm, visited us.

Amager VK vs Engelholm
2 - 3

We have prepared our self good, because we knew a lot about Engelholm after our game against them 14 days ago in the elite tournament in Br√łndby. We knew that it would be difficult task, but we have been training very well lately and keeps improving, so we had the believe in victory all the way.

We start the game very well. Most of our play works and we are in the most of the set and wins it with 25-21

In second set, we cant keep our play as tight as in the first, and Engelholm finds more flow in the play. We are behind all set and Engelholm wins the set with 25-20.

Third set goes back forth. We start best, but Engelholm finds their way back into the set and leads to where it becomes important. We ends the set on top and win 25-22.

In fourth set we continue the fantastic play from the end of third. We are ahead with a couple of point all the way to 3 match points at 24-21. Here we makes some mistakes and let Engelholm get some easy points, which the takes advantages of and wins the set 24-26.

We never got back in rytme in the fifth and last set and Engelholm kept their lead from start to end and wins the set 15-10 and therefore the match 3-2.

All in all we play a really good game, lots of praise to all players. There was many elements of the game where we have improved alot. Our passing has become lot more stabile, and we are much sharper in the offense. We got better and setting up our offence and finding good solutions, but this is stille an area where we can improve. In big parts of the game, we keep our agreements and we make less unprovoked error - which is very positive.

There is also elements we are not happy about. We were in general nok sharp enough in our blocking and we could have better in our defense. And then we should be better at keeping cool in the ending stages, and dont make unprovoked errors that allows the opponent to get in the lead or to get back in the game.

Sofia Purkhus ended as Player of the Match with stabile passing and with a great offense she was a crucial player for us today.

From: Amager VK