Integration, development and innovation


  • Geographic proximity
  • Increased resistance
  • New extended market / audience
  • Increased cooperation - Joint development at the club level (width, youth development and education)
  • Rethinking the approach, the integration of the Øresunds Region
  • International matches
  • National matches in local arenas
  • Pioneers of a permanent league around Øresund


  • Six elite teams (Brøndby, Holte, Team Køge Volley, Engelholm, Hylte / Halmstad and Lund VK)
  • Straight tournament: Meets home / away, matches against teams from the same country is counted meetings in the regular league
  • A total of 30 matches in the tournament.
  • Tournament runs from oktober to march
  • Sanctioned by the respective federations. Skånes volleyball federation has contacted Event in Skåne and the Danish law equivalent in the Copenhagen region


  • Find a Oresund Liga champion
  • Create a permanent league for elite teams around Oresund.
  • A unique product of increased exposure - market, public and the media
  • Increased exchanges between countries / clubs at several levels (youth, breadth, development and training)
  • Implement 30 high quality elite matches with live scores and live streaming
  • Minimum 8000 spectators
  • Minimum 100 articles in the press
  • Pioneers and role models for other sports / organizations to cooperate in Oresund